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Moving and finding a job in another country, even continent, can be difficult and sometimes you just don't get it! There is always something else  that needs to be done... Wypoon Technologies is here to support you in your new challenge and that is why we consider that transparency is very important in order to communicate and reach to the highest standards. Becoming a developer at Wypoon Technologies is a comprehensive process that involves quite some steps but don't worry Wypoon is here to make your life easier! While we help, you can enjoy your time;).

But if you were curious of what Wypoon does, no worries we prepared you a detailed description of the recruitment and relocation process step-by-step.

1 Finding possible candidates

Our recruiters are always in search of new people who meet the criteria mentioned above.

2 Get in contact and meet with the candidate

After identifying a candidate with the right skills, our recruiters will get in contact with them and set up a video call interview to evaluate their communication skills, proficiency in English, and work ethic. They will also ensure that the candidate has a valid passport, is open to relocating to the Netherlands or Belgium, and is willing to stay for at least one year.

3 Expectations

After getting to know the candidate better, our recruiters explain what they can expect when working with Wypoon Technologies and relocating to the Netherlands, including the benefits of working with Wypoon, the cost of living, and the tax benefits for highly skilled migrants. They will also ask the candidate about their expectations.

4 Skills form

In this phase, the candidate receives a form that they need to fill out with their skills and other details.

5 Technical test & interview

The candidate will then meet with our technical team and complete a code exam. They will also have a technical interview where they will discuss the results of their exam. This evaluation and interview are a critical milestone in the process, and based on the results, the technical team will determine if the candidate's skills meet Wypoon Technologies' standards.

6 Meet our sales department

After passing the technical evaluation and interview, the candidate will meet with our sales department who will review the results and arrange an interview with the candidate. This interview will cover personality traits and general skill sets in more detail, and the sales department will determine if the candidate is a good fit for Wypoon Technologies.

7 Pre-Contract

In this phase, the candidate will be contacted by Wypoon's HR department and receive a pre-contract. This contract ensures that the candidate will not work for other companies for the next 4 months and also ensures that both parties will respect their agreement.

8 CV improvements

After signing the pre-contract, the candidate will receive assistance from our staff with improving their CV, discussing the contract, and preparing for the client interview.

9 Meet the client

After passing all the previous steps, the candidate will be introduced to the client. The client will have an interview with them and, in some cases, may require additional code exams. The client will decide whether to hire the candidate based on the interview and if the decision is favorable, the candidate will have a new job as a consultant for Wypoon Technologies.

10 Visa Application

Wypoon applies and pays for the candidate’s Highly Skilled Migrant (HSM) Residence Permit and MVV (short stay visa).

  1. Highly Skills Migrant visa – allows for candidate to take part in 30% ruling and allows candidate to stay in the Netherlands for longer than 90 days so to work as a consultant.
  2. MVV – As the candidate will not yet have their Highly Skilled Migrant Visa Residence Card, (some) candidates will need an MVV or Short Stay visa used to travel to the Netherlands. This visa is valid for 90 days. Once the candidate has picked up his residence permit, he will no longer need to use this document.

11 MVV & HSM biometrics appointment

Each candidate will need to attend an appointment at the Dutch embassy in their country in which they provide their signature and biometrics for the HSM Residence Permit & MVV. During this appointment, the Embassy will take your passport so that the MVV can be printed into the passport pages. You will be able to pick up your passport (with MVV) within 2 weeks.

12 Getting a client and a contract

Once the candidate is accepted as a consultant for a client and we receive the contract, we will write up an employment contract between Wypoon Technologies and the consultant. This contract can be project or time based. In this contract, the terms of employment are laid out, including salary and number of holidays.

13 Flight

After the Wypoon and the client have signed a contract regarding the consultant’s work order, Wypoon will arrange a flight for the consultant from their home country to the Netherlands. Although Wypoon does not pay for this flight, it is usually covered by the relocation budget offered by Wypoon which amounts to 1,500 euros.

14 Looking for housing

As soon as we know that a consultant will be coming to the Netherlands, we will begin looking for housing for them. This process begins with the HR Manager reaching out to the consultant to see what they are looking for in their accommodation. For example, if a consultant plans to bring their family to the Netherlands, our HR manager and the consultant might discuss aiming for a house with more than 1 bedroom, a bathtub, and a garden. During this process we also discuss budgets for housing, and whether of not the candidate prefers a furnished or unfurnished house. Candidates should understand that finding a home in the Netherlands can be tricky, especially the candidate does not yet live in the Netherlands. Given this, they should take into account that most candidates will stay in a hotel during their first month in the Netherlands.

15 Departure and Arrival

The people at Wypoon understand that migrating can be a very stressful experience, this is why our HR manager maintains contact with you throughout your journey to the Netherlands. Upon arrival, one of our employees will also pick up the consultant from the airport and bring them to their home or hotel.

16 Post-arrival

Even before you arrive in the Netherlands, a number of administrative appointments will be made for the consultant.
These include:

  1. ID Pickup – During this appointment the consultant will travel to an IND Office or Expat Center to pick up their Residence Permit.
  2. RNI/BSN appointment – Depending on if the consultant has already secured a housing solution, he or she will need to get a Burger Service Nummer (BSN) or Registratie Niet-ingezetenen (RNI). This is your Dutch registration number. It can be used to open a bank account, apply for health insurance and apply for a Digid
  3. Payslip administration - Sometime within the first few weeks of the consultant’s stay, they will need to come to Wypoon’s Breda office to sign some papers. These papers will allow the consultant to receive a paycheck from Wypoon and to take advantage of the 30% tax ruling. These documents must be signed in person.

17 Other administrative items to be taken care of

  1. Bank account
  2. Health insurance - It is required for all Dutch residents to have healthcare. It is better to purchase healthcare now vs. later because you will need to back pay for your coverage. For example, if you arrive in NL on May 1, but do not get insurance until July 1, you will need still need to pay for the insurance for May and June, as well as July. This is because it is illegal for someone living in NL to not have insurance. Here is a link with some more information about Dutch Health Insurance.
  3. DigID - DigID is an authentication method which is used in the Netherlands to access things like your taxes and healthcare information. Please note that in order to apply you will need to be registered at a municipality and have a BSN.
  4. OV Chip Card - This card can be used to pay for public transportation, including train, bus, metro, tram, and OV-bikes in the Netherlands.




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